Sablet House
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A village street in Roussillon

A village street in Roussillon



Please recognize that you will be guests in our dream house – not a hotel or resort. We do everything that a responsible and loving homeowner does to maintain a healthy, safe, secure and functional home to share with our guests, friends, and families but we do not accept liability for accidents, loss or damage to persons or personal effects, however caused.

Sablet House is a three-story village house. Bedrooms are located on the ground level and second floor. Our home is not handicap-accessible so it may not be suitable for people with limited mobility.

Only those individuals listed on the rental agreement may reside in Sablet House and at no time may more than 6 people including children, stay in the house. Exceptions may be made for infants less than two years of age. 

Children are very welcome; but they should be supervised because the windows, terraces and stair cases are open.

No pets are allowed.

No smoking in the house is permitted.

We expect that you will care for Sablet House as you would care for your own home. You will be held responsible for any damage to our home or contents.